“Agile” Without a Name: Revisited

It’s been 11 years since I wrote about the notion of being “Agile” without a name. My feelings about the topic haven’t changed since then. I still believe it’s more important to be an effective software developer than one that has been labeled “agile” according to some specific agile methodology. The Agile Manifesto suggests valuing

QuickFIX/J Message Representation Plugins

Although I haven’t had much time to work on QuickFIX/J since handing off the project leadership to Smart Trade, I still have many ideas about how the library could be improved. One feature I’d like to see added to QuickFIX/J is message representation plugin support. The current implementation of QuickFIX/J uses the message representation defined

Multithread Testing Challenges in Java

Christian at the Carbon Five Community recently published an interesting blog article on Multithreaded Testing. Christian showed how to use Java 5 built-in concurrency features to create a nice, clean multithreaded test for an article dispatcher. It’s a good example of using the Java concurrency features, but I wondered about the effectiveness of the test.