Global Game of Software Development

The global collaboration perspective on software development is a stark contrast to the preference, or requirement for some, for face-to-face communication during development activities. I also prefer face-to-face contact although I’ve seen distributed teams be very effective with intelligent use of tools like email, instant messaging, web-enabled project planning and tracking applications, phone and video

XP Values, Principles, and Local Adaptation

Adapting Extreme Programming (XP) for your local environment can be risky and challenging. To do this correctly, you must remain aware of the XP values and principles to avoid trouble. XP Values, Principles and Practices I’ve seen recent discussions in various forums about the meaning of XP values and principles. Here are my current working

“Agile” Without a Name: Revisited

It’s been 11 years since I wrote about the notion of being “Agile” without a name. My feelings about the topic haven’t changed since then. I still believe it’s more important to be an effective software developer than one that has been labeled “agile” according to some specific agile methodology. The Agile Manifesto suggests valuing