XPlanner is a project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams. If you are not familiar with XP software development practices, the links page contains pointers to relevant resources. To summarize the XP planning process, the customers pick the features to be added (user stories) to each development iteration (typically, one to three weeks in duration). The developers estimate the effort to complete the stories either at the story level or by decomposing the story into tasks and estimating those. Information about team development velocity from the previous iteration is used to estimate if the team can complete the stories proposed by the customer. If the team appears to be overcommitted, the set of stories are renegotiated with the customer. The XPlanner tool was created to support this process and address issues experienced in a long-term real-life XP project.

I was the original developer of XPlanner, but Jacques Morel and his team now continue the management and development of XPlanner and they are doing a great job. More information at the XPlanner web site.

I also created a very experimental version of XPlanner using Ruby on Rails. A few people have expressed interest in the code so it’s available for download. Remember, this was created a with an older version of Rails (0.10 or 0.11, if I remember correctly). I might be a good idea for somebody to create a RubyForge project for this code, but I personally don’t have time to manage (I might contribute, though).

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