Jode Eclipse Plugin


This plugin has only been tested with Eclipse 3.0.1 and 3.1. It appears to have some problems with Eclipse 3.2. I’ll update the plugin when I have time. However, the sources are available at the SourceForge project is anybody would like to do the 3.2 upgrade.

The Jode Eclipse plugin provides basic integration between the Jode decompiler and the Eclipse JDT. I wrote it for my own usage but I thought others might get some benefit from it as well. Features of the plugin include…

  • Decompilation of class files from the workspace and JAR files
  • Automatic decompilation during source code navigation (e.g., F3)


Go to Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install. Select the “Search for new features to install” option. Press the “New Remote Site…” button and enter “Technoetic” for the name and “” for the URL. Press OK, and install the Jode plugin from the subsequent list of features.

Known Issues

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a way to extend an “Open with…” menu item when opening class files contained in a JAR. For this to work, you must do the following steps…

  1. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> File Associations
  2. Select the *.class file association. You should see the Jode Class File Viewer in the associated editors list
  3. Select the Jode Class File Viewer and press the “Default” button.

If you have problems you can reset the associations by setting the default back to the Class File Viewer.

If you have already opened a file using the Class File Viewer, Eclipse will continue to use that viewer for that class until the IDE is restarted. If you know of a way to override this behavior, please email me with the technique.


Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Jode Decompiler to set options for the decompiler. See the Jode home page for details on the effects of these options.


I didn’t write the decompiler used by this plugin. If you have problems with it, see the Jode project page.

Use this tool only for legal purposes!

Have fun!