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APM Tooling Survey and XPlanner

Trail Ridge Consulting has released the results of an agile project management tooling survey performed in late 2006. Apparently, APM tools are being widely used by both small and large organizations although the primary reasons differ with the size of the organization. It was interesting to me to see that card-based approaches are use less

XPlanner article in JavaWorld

Check out the new article about XPlanner in JavaWorld. As a side note, I’ve had several people request the XPlanner on Rails code. It would be very interesting to have someone pursue that effort.

XPlanner: A Selfish Application

Back in 1997, Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder wrote about The Selfish Class. Their paper was focused on software artifacts, mostly at the class or class library level but I believe the patterns also describe how application usage spreads. According to Foote and Yoder… “THE SELFISH CLASS pattern examines how the sociobiological notion that evolving