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QuickFIX/J Message Representation Plugins

Although I haven’t had much time to work on QuickFIX/J since handing off the project leadership to Smart Trade, I still have many ideas about how the library could be improved. One feature I’d like to see added to QuickFIX/J is message representation plugin support. The current implementation of QuickFIX/J uses the message representation defined

QuickFIX/J has a new home.

I am moving the QuickFIX/J tips articles to the new project home at This site also contains a Jira issue tracking application and a Confluence wiki. Check it out if you are using QuickFIX/J. The articles are on the wiki.

QuickFIX/J FIX Engine

I’m the development lead for the pure Java port of the open source QuickFIX FIX protocol engine. The FIX protocol is widely used for financial market connectivity around the world. I’m creating a new blog category on this topic to post ongoing news and technical articles about the QuickFIX/J product. If you are interested in