Month: January 2006

Comments on Mock-Based Testing

I recently read a blog entry with criticisms of mock-based testing. The author raised several “issues” with using mocks to support unit testing. I’m commenting here since the author has closed comments on the original blog entry. Issue 1: Poor integration tests, as everything is being tested in isolation I’ve had good experience with mock-based

Experience Report: MindRaider Semantic Outlining Tool

I’m always looking for efficient ways to manage my personal information and activities. I invested a little time during this last weekend to try the MindRaider semantic outlining tool. This isn’t a complete review. It’s only an short experience report based on my initial impressions. MindRaider is a Semantic Web outliner. I’m interested in Semantic

I’ve moved to France

I’ve been very busy for the last several months. I decided to join a French software development company and move to Aix en Provence, France (near Marseille) although I don’t speak the language. It’s been quite an adventure and great practice on exploring agility in the context of everyday life. The team I work with