Month: June 2005

XPlanner Idea: Integrating LDAP users

I’ve been thinking about the problem of integrating existing LDAP user profiles into the XPlanner domain model. This is something that has been requested from users with large-scale XPlanner installations. The challenge is how to make the domain model easily and uniformly accessible to the XPlanner code when it’s partitioned across a combination of relational

Agile Trust: Essense or Side-effect?

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” — Alfred Adler David J. Anderson has recently stated the opinion that trust is the essence of agile development methods. He says that trust is more of what agile is all about than short feedback loops and a focus on

XPlanner and Distributed XP Teams

XPlanner was originally developed to support a distributed XP team. This team had been using note cards successfully for over a year but a key stakeholder had been required to travel extensively and they wanted to monitor the development progress. Later, we used XPlanner as part of a larger tool suite to support distributed developer