Month: May 2005

XPlanner Tip: Multiple Backlogs

Have you worked on a project with multiple customers representing multiple customer roles? For example, there may be a product manager role, a customer support role, a system operator/administrator role, and so on. I’ve seen this happen several times. The stories might also be conceptually organized into new features and technical debt (including refactoring and

Agile Development and “Tool” Acquisition

While doing some reading on the topic of search and rescue (SAR) I found the focus on agility and tool acquisition to be very interesting and very similar to what has worked for me in the software development domain. The following text is a paraphrase of several paragraphs from the book, “Fundamentals of Search and

Offshore Development on a Cruise Ship

It’s an interesting idea. A company called SeaCode is outfitting a cruise ship to house 600 software developers about 3 miles offshore in international waters. They claim this will create high-end software engineering jobs in the U.S. but reading their material suggests this would be very few jobs compared to the low-paid masses living on