Month: April 2005

Agility: Hustle, Passion, Resiliency

Jason Calacanis wrote: The older I get the more I realize that business is about three very basic things: Hustle Passion Resiliency You have those things it really doesn’t matter what the idea is… you can change your ideas all day long, in fact evolving is what you’re supposed to do in business. However, you

Ruby on Rails: Experimental XPlanner Port

I’ve been hearing so much about Ruby on Rails lately that I wanted to try it for myself. As an experiment I decided to port the XPlanner planning tool for XP/agile teams. This was only a partial porting effect focused on the core XPlanner functionality. I experienced a few minor challenges at the start of

Yahoo Buzz Game

I’m interested in exploring ways groups can tap into their collective intelligence. One mechanism for doing this are trading markets like the stock market. Recently, there’s also been significant research activity in the area of prediction markets and their ability to predict trends or likelihood of future events. Yahoo Research Labs is experimenting with a