Month: March 2005

Code it twice?

Laurent Bossavit asks if developers have seen the following effects when rewriting code from scratch… Rewriting the code takes much less time than the first time around Rewriting the code is a lot easier than the first time around The rewritten code is better factored, more readable than that lost I’ve seen all three of

C2 Wiki Wars

“Trust – This is at the core of wiki. Trust the people, trust the process, enable trust-building. ~ Anonymous (C2 Wiki)” This lofty principle isn’t working well for the Wiki that started it all, the C2 Wiki. According to the site: “It would appear that trust has now broken down. People are accusing others of

Prevayler Performance Reality Check

Many people have seen the query performance results shown on the Prevayler home page. Although the performance numbers may appear impressive at first glance, there’s more to the story. I worked on a team who evaluated Prevayler as an alternative to an RDBMS. The primary motivation was to improve application performance. It was interesting to